Jem Wolfie Straddles A Basketball While Wearing The Tiniest Yoga Shorts Imaginable

Social media star Jem Wolfie stunned her 2.7 million Instagram followers after posting a new photo in which she straddled a basketball while wearing the tiniest of yoga shorts.

The shorts were a light blue hue that complemented Wolfie's sun-kissed skin. The fabric appeared to be a cotton blend that was stretchy enough to ably hug the model's enviable curves. The garment featured a high-waisted silhouette, extending over her belly button and highlighting her hourglass figure. A thick waistband cinched at her midriff to further accentuate her figure. The hemline of the shorts was as short as possible, leaving nearly all of her legs on full display.

Wolfie completed the look with a revealing sports bra. The garment featured a very low scooped neckline that left little of the model's décolletage to the imagination. The hem was cropped just below the bust line, giving fans a hint of her abdomen. The color of the fabric closely matched the bottoms, but it was knit in a honeycomb pattern that added some visual interest to the otherwise monochromatic ensemble.

Wolfie styled her hair in a classic blowout, and her highlighted locks cascaded down past her shoulders. A few wisps were caught in the wind, adding to the summery vibe of the shot. The Aussie model posed by sitting on a brick wall, and she placed a black and orange basketball in between her toned legs.

The Instagram star leaned back slightly to best show off her physique, placing her weight on her left hand to work her most flattering angles. To complete the pose, she shyly smiled while looking down away from the camera.

The setting for the photo was outdoors on a bright and sunny day. A concrete basketball court comprised of aqua, green, and gray concrete added both a fitting and colorful backdrop to the sporty upload.

Fans went wild over the sultry new photo, awarding the update over 16,000 likes and around 200 comments within just half an hour of posting.

"Nothing is more beautiful than hearing your voice and seeing your smile and I don't want anything else... When I look at you, I forget the world and feel happy," confessed a lovestruck fan, emphasizing his declaration with three red heart symbols.

"Surely you would have been arrested if looking immensely beautiful [were] a crime," teased a second.

"How do you manage to look so stunning everyday? Even when you play basketball? You must have a stunning spell on you," commented a third.

"My fav Aussie," proclaimed a fourth, concluding the comment with a kissing face, pink heart, and fire symbol.

As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, Wolfie recently showed off her skills on the court in another sultry upload.