‘General Hospital’ Star Eden McCoy Reveals How Lucky She Is To Work Alongside ‘Two Icons’

Eden McCoy
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital actress Eden McCoy had a special part in the show on Friday, September 11. Her character, Josslyn Jacks, spent some time sitting by her grandpa’s bedside as his condition worsened. The character isn’t expected to last much longer, which has the Corinthos family coming together to say their goodbyes.

McCoy joined the ABC soap in 2015 and she has been a favorite ever since. Being in the Corinthos family has put her character in terrible danger at times, but it has also given her some incredible scenes with some of the best actors of the best in soap history. McCoy seems to know just how lucky she is to work alongside her talented costars.

The official General Hospital Instagram account shared a behind-the-scenes photo after Friday’s show aired that showed the blond-haired teen posing with Max Gail, who plays the role of Mike Corbin. She had something to say in the comments about Gail and the actor who plays her on-screen step-dad, Maurice Benard.

McCoy referred to the current storyline, in which Gail’s character is succumbing to Alzheimer’s. She applauded the talent of both Gail and Benard saying how lucky she is to be included.

“This story belongs to Max and Maurice. two icons who have shown us all how it’s done. believe me, i know how lucky i am to have been a small part of this beautiful story written by the best writing team in the business,” she said.

In the Instagram snap, Gail was all decked out in a tux-minus the jacket. McCoy looked gorgeous in a wedding dress and veil. The image was a part of the scenes from Friday’s episode where Josslyn imagined sharing the most important moments of her life with her grandpa, who was alive and well in the future.

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Sonny and the others would have some “what if” scenes depicting what life would be like in the future if Mike didn’t have Alzheimer’s and wasn’t about to die.

McCoy had a few of those scenes as Josslyn. Her character talked to Mike letting him know how much she loved him and that he was a big influence in her life. They flashed forward as she shared special moments with him — homecoming, her high school graduation, her wedding, and telling him that she was pregnant.

More poignant moments like these are expected to come next week as the rest of the family has their own last moments with Mike.