‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Ava Offers To Help Sonny, But He Has Conditions

Maura West
Craig Sjodin / ABC

It has been an emotional week on General Hospital with Mike Corbin’s health continuing to decline. The Corinthos family has gathered together to say their goodbyes. On Friday’s show, Josslyn had some special moments with her grandpa as Sonny and Carly were keeping watch as well. Many people, including Stella and Felix, have been there to help them through this sad time. Someone else offered her help, but Sonny was very cautious in accepting it.

As soon as Ava Jerome heard about Mike’s bad condition from Trina while they were at the art gallery, she rushed off to Turning Woods. Sonny has been pretty distraught, as he is on the brink of losing his dad any day now. He wasn’t all that happy to see Ava pop in. She showed up on Friday wanting to help and on Monday, their exchange will continue. General Hospital posted a preview clip of them having a chat right outside of Mike’s room.

In the clip, Ava explains that she wants to help Sonny by taking their daughter Avery for a few days while he deals with the situation with Mike. These two have been at each other’s throats for years. Now that they have a daughter together, it has been even worse. However, things have gotten a little more civil since Ava has somewhat changed her ways.

Maurice Benard and Max Gail
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

Sonny feels like he has every reason not to trust her and he will let her know that. Ava tells him that they both want what’s best for their daughter and she thinks that taking Avery for a few days would be better for her. That will have Sonny rethinking things. While it looks like he will give in to her suggestion to take Avery home with her, he says that he has a condition before he agrees.

Sonny may not trust Ava at all, especially when it comes to Avery, and he certainly won’t make it too easy for her. It does sound like he will give in as General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central indicate that Ava will be spending some time with the little girl sometime next week.

As spoilers previously indicated, Mike will not last much longer. The doctors told Sonny and the family that he now has pneumonia. He was having a hard time breathing and had to be put on oxygen. Michael is also expected to join his family next week at Mike’s bedside.

Fans have been bracing themselves for these last moments with Mike and also for Sonny’s emotional final goodbye to his dad.