Poll Shows Donald Trump Falling Further Behind Joe Biden After Admission He Downplayed Coronavirus

Donald Trump speaks at the Oval Office.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Donald Trump has fallen further behind Joe Biden in a new poll taken after the bombshell report that the president admitted to intentionally downplaying the severity of the coronavirus to the American public.

The Republican candidate’s campaign has been rocked by the release of tapes from interviews with journalist Bob Woodward showing that he knew back in early February that the coronavirus was especially deadly compared to the seasonal flu and that it could spread through the air. Tapes from March showed Trump saying he deliberately downplayed the severity of the virus — an approach he defended this week by saying he did not want to create panic.

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that the revelation may be hurting the president’s chances of winning re-election in November. As Yahoo News reported, the poll, conducted between September 9 and 11, showed Biden leading by 10 points among registered voters, 49 percent to 39 percent. That was a four-point jump from the previous polling taken just after the Republican National Convention in August that showed Biden up by 6 points.

According to the report, the setback comes after a series of major controversies for the president, which appear to have turned voters to his opponent’s campaign.

“The results suggest that a week of unrelenting and unflattering revelations about Trump — from the Atlantic report on his alleged contempt for Americans wounded or killed in war (which appeared on Sept. 3) to Bob Woodward’s recordings of Trump admitting he downplayed the deadliness of COVID-19 (released on Sept. 9) — has damaged the president’s standing with voters,” the news outlet noted.

The revelations even appear to be cutting into Trump’s normally strong base of supporters. A total of 23 percent of Americans — including 15 percent of people who said they voted for Trump in 2016 — said that their view of Trump’s response to the coronavirus has changed due to his admissions from Woodward’s interview.

Biden’s campaign has already seized on the revelation, attacking his opponent in a series of ads and attempting to offer a contrast for voters by insisting that he would never lie to the American people, as he claimed Trump had done.

Others have joined in criticizing Trump and placing blame on him for the nation’s rising death toll from the virus, which is approaching 200,000 people dead. As The Inquisitr reported, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said that his actions to intentionally downplay the virus could justify him facing charges of second-degree murder, as it directly led to the deaths of Americans.