Instagram Model Lexi Kai Shows Serious Cleavage & Fit Booty In Steamy Workout Video

Fitness model Lexi Kai delighted fans with a view of her curvaceous figure for her latest Instagram video upload. In the footage, she rocked a tiny sports bra that showcased her killer cleavage along with a pair of skintight leggings that put her backside on display as she worked out.

The social media influencer is known for posting provocative photos on her page. In this update, she showed the hard work that goes into achieving her jaw-dropping body. Lexi was recorded performing various exercises at a gym while flaunting her enviable frame from different angles.

The 23-year-old had her long blond hair tied in the back and left a long strand of bangs hanging in front of her beautiful face. She wore a small black sports bra that had a plunging neckline and embellished her assets. Lexi also sported a pair of tight lime-colored leggings, as well as sneakers that complemented her ensemble. The influencer had on a face mask and gloves for the routine.

At the beginning of the clip, Lexi was recorded hunched over as she pushed a resistance sled on a track. This angle gave viewers a clear glimpse of her cleavage. In the next part of the vid, Lexi was shot doing the same exercise, but this time the camera caught her from behind.

Lexi switched to a machine for the second portion of the footage, and she did both leg presses and extensions on it. The camera panned around and captured her curves from multiple angles as she pushed herself. The Colorado native was on the track for the last part of her routine. She held a barbell across her shoulders while doing lunges and then kickbacks.

For the caption, Lexi mentioned testing her limits and added a flex emoji before uploading the vid on Friday. Many of the model's 763,000 Instagram followers took notice of the workout clip, as it received more than 130 comments. Her replies were littered with heart and flex emoji. Fans complimented Lexi's stunning physique and her intense training regimen.

"Dang Alexis, you got powerful legs. Straight up dominated that workout," one Instagram user commented.

"I like those pants Lexi," an admirer replied.

"Beautiful, fantastic motivation," one follower wrote.

"Working hard babe," a follower responded while adding a series of heart emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week the model gave viewers plenty of eye candy in a revealing outfit. She sported a cropped sweater that left her chest partially exposed along with a pair of body-hugging white pants.