Lindsey Pelas Teases Cleavage In White Bra And Rocks Daisy Dukes, But Her Adorable Dog Tosh Steals The Show

Lindsey Pelas often tantalizes her fans with videos that focus on her ample cleavage, but her quirky canine companion was the star of the funny clip that she uploaded to her TikTok account on Thursday.

In the video, Lindsey and her pet pooch, Tosh, were hanging out together in the model's living room. She was wearing one of her signature sexy ensembles that played up her ample assets and bared a lot of skin. It included a white bra crafted out of thin fabric with floral lace accents. The supportive undergarment hugged her curvy chest and provided a little lift. Her bottoms were a pair of short Daisy Dukes with frayed hems. She also wore a white button-up shirt, which she left open to reveal a hint of her tanned tummy.

The model was crouched down on the floor beside her couch. Tosh, a small white terrier, was standing on one of the cushions. He had a slight underbite and shaggy fur that hid most of his eyes from view. Lindsey held the camera up and away from her body so that she could film her entertaining interaction with her canine content collaborator.

When she said her pet's name, he stuck his nose up in the air. She then asked him if he would like to "go play," and he dramatically swiveled his head to one side, keeping his nose pointed up. He was also asked if he wanted to "party," which received the same reaction. His long ears flopped around as he turned his neck.

He switched up his response when Lindsey asked him if he wanted to "get rich." He lowered his head and wagged his tail before resuming his exaggerated head tilting. Lindsey's final two questions were about treats and Tosh's love for her.

She used a hashtag to let her followers know that her spotlight-stealing pooch is blind, and she responded to a few of her fan's messages.

"That damn thing is broken!" quipped one TikTok user.

"Lmfao I need to plug him back in," Lindsey replied.

Another commenter wanted to know whether the canine was "okay."

"Certainly not but that's how I like him," read Lindsey's response.

The model revealed that her fur baby is an expert at cuddling, writing that he "spoons and sleeps back to back." He also appears to be a really good listener.

This isn't the first time the tiny terrier has appeared in one of Lindsey's social media updates. Last month, she shared an Instagram photo that showed her holding the photogenic pooch. In the caption of her post, she joked that she and her pet were starting to look alike.