Angeline Varona Snaps A Selfie In A Red Bikini On Instagram

Angeline Varona takes a selfie
Angeline Varona / Instagram

Angeline Varona wowed her fans on Friday, September 11, with a sexy new Instagram update. The Latina influencer rocked a skimpy red bikini that showcased her killer curves as she posed indoors for a mirror selfie.

In the new post, Angeline was dressed in scanty swimwear, standing in front of a full-body mirror. She occupied mostly one side of the frame, standing with her legs apart. She was holding her phone with her left hand, angling the mobile device in front of her face. The babe smiled as she took the selfie.

Angeline sported a skimpy bikini top. The triangle-style cups were cut so small that it barely contained her voluptuous chest. As a result, a hint of her underboob was on display. The deep neckline allowed her to expose much of her décolletage, and the snug fit of the garment made her cleavage look prominent. The tiny straps were tied over her neck for support, with another pair of strings tied around her back.

She wore a matching pair of bottoms. The scanty thong featured a tiny piece of fabric that only covered what was necessary. The waistband sat low enough for her to reveal plenty of skin around her groin area. Its high leg cuts helped highlight her slender hips, as well as her thighs. Viewers also couldn’t help but notice her toned midsection, expressing their thoughts in the comments.

Angeline left her dark hair loose and parted to the side as she opted for a mostly straight hairstyle. She wore stud earrings and a watch and had her nails painted with light pink polish.

In the caption, Angeline mentioned that she was grateful for all the messages she received today. She expressed how happy she felt when she received the greetings, and jokingly added that she just celebrated her “second” 26th birthday.

The brand-new social media share earned more than 36,000 likes and upward of 450 comments in just under a day. Some of her eager online supporters flocked to the comments section to leave compliments about her latest jaw-dropping display, while countless others were speechless and opted to use a string of emoji.

“Happy birthday, beautiful!!!!! Wishing you the happiest day ever,” one of her fans commented.

“Anytime, my friend! Oh, if only we had the power to stop aging, lol! You look great, and don’t you ever think differently,” added another follower.

“Happy birthday!!! You are so beautiful, and your grind seriously inspires me!! Look at you! Barely 27 in INCREDIBLE shape, insane social life, happily engaged, LAWYER?!!!?!??!! Girl, you are KILLING it even during a global pandemic,” wrote a third Instagram user.