Ted Cruz Slams Trevor Noah's Gender Reveal Comment: 'Many Liberal Males Never Grow Balls'

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took aim at The Daily Show host Trevor Noah on Friday for his recent claim that he is offended by "outdated" gender reveal parties because the children have not yet picked one, The Hill reported.

"A fair point," Cruz wrote in response to an article on the comment. "Many liberal males never grow balls."

Noah made the comments on Tuesday's episode of his Comedy Central show.

"Celebrating a baby's genitalia is starting to feel very outdated. Like, given everything we're learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender."
As reported by The Washington Examiner, Noah then made a joke about the gender reveal party that sparked a fire in Southern California's San Bernardino County. The host quipped that parents who are considering such an event should make sure they use it for "something that helps the situation," like pouring pink water on the fire if their baby is a girl.

According to The Daily Wire article Cruz responded to, gender and biological sex are "inextricably connected," despite Noah's attempts to separate them. The publication pointed to the American Psychiatric Association and noted that the network acknowledged that gender dysphoria stems from a "conflict" between a person's identified gender and their "assigned gender."

As noted by The Hill, Cruz previously used gender identity to poke fun of Bernie Sanders, who he said simultaneously identifies as every gender. He has also been open about his opposition to gender-neutral bathrooms and support for laws that oppose them.

The Republican senator also claimed that parents who allow their children to have a gender transition are engaging in child abuse.

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The Washington Examiner claimed that Noah's comment on giving children time to grow and choose their gender is part of a "radical social movement" that pushes back on the validity of traditional norms. Cruz and The Daily Wire's argument against this view echoes other prominent conservative figures, including Ben Shapiro, the founder of the previously mentioned publication. But Current Affairs founder Nathan J. Robinson argued that figures like Shapiro misrepresent the left-wing argument on the issue.

According to Robinson, the left's argument is that the average person's complete understanding of a person is not solely determined by their chromosomes.

"Instead, we form it by how they look and act. What people mean when they say that 'gender is a social construct' is not that 'chromosomes are a social construct' but that in practice, gender isn't reducible to chromosomes."