New Details From Cassie Randolph's Restraining Order Request Against 'Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood Emerge

Details are quickly emerging regarding the restraining order that former The Bachelor star Cassie Randolph reportedly just filed against her ex, Colton Underwood. The paperwork was filed in Los Angeles on Friday, and now specifics from the documentation have been released.

Early Friday afternoon, reports revealed that Cassie had filed a restraining order against Colton. Initial reports did not contain any details regarding why the request was made, but soon rumors of "Domestic Violence Prevention" surfaced. Now, TMZ has uncovered a significant amount of additional information.

The media outlet revealed that they have obtained a copy of the court documents filed on Friday by Cassie. In the documentation, she said that she had received upsetting text messages from Colton and that he had been harassing and stalking her.

Cassie claimed that Colton had taped a tracking device under the back bumper of her vehicle in order to be able to keep track of where she was. In addition, she said he had been showing up both at her family home in Huntington Beach, as well as her Los Angeles apartment, without being invited.

The Bachelor winner reported that her ex-boyfriend had been taking what she termed as "obsessive walks" outside the complex where her apartment is located. In addition, she said he had been hanging out in the alley by the bedroom window at her family's home in the wee hours of the morning.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood star in a new ad campaign for Tubi
Getty Images | Jerod Harris

In addition to these allegations, it seemed that Cassie also said that Colton had been sending her problematic text messages. For one thing, he reportedly repeatedly accused her of hanging out with a former boyfriend of hers.

There was also an issue involving supposedly anonymous texts being sent to both Cassie and Colton. She alleged that they were made to seem as if they were coming from a stalker of some nature. However, she alleged, Colton later admitted that he had sent all of the messages himself.

Cassie also said that Colton admitted to her that he had planted the tracking device on her vehicle.

The Bachelor stars ended his season together, albeit in an unusual fashion. They were never engaged, but they did stay together for a little more than a year. He moved to California where she lived and even stayed with her family when he was sick with COVID-19 this past spring.

Although they said they had an amicable split this past spring, there were soon signs suggesting it didn't remain that way. Things between Colton and Cassie started to take a public and ugly turn in July, but these new allegations are far more serious than anything that fans had previously heard about.