Chris Evans Fans Freak Out After He Reveals Chest Tattoo In Bed On Instagram

Chris Evans is no stranger to tattoos. The Avengers: Endgame actor has a variety of ink all over his body ranging from his upper arm to upper abdomen and left collar bone. For well over a year now, he has been spotted with a new tattoo on his right pectoral, which was only revealed just barely in paparazzi and event photos as it peeked out from beneath his clothes. Diehard fans of the actor have been hoping for more than a glimpse of the body art but he never revealed it openly until now.

This morning on his Instagram stories, Chris shared a selfie in bed with his dog Dodger which has since been posted all over Twitter. The two appeared to be just waking up and had their heads pressed up against one another. Normally, this would be enough for Cevans Nation, which fawns over any photos of Chris and his beloved pup, but it was the large tattoo that wasn't covered enough by the bed sheet that really got them going.

For now, it's only speculation what this image is as it wasn't shown in its entirety. However, it definitely appears to be a large bird of some sort. Many followers are guessing it looks like an eagle, while others have noted it could be a falcon. Chris, who calls himself an "eastern philosophy guy" already has a quote inspired by the time he spent at a Buddhist retreat on his right collar bone. This has caused some to think his newest ink represents Garuda -- a golden-winged bird from Buddhist texts.

Chris Evans attends the Avengers: Endgame premiere
Getty Images | Jesse Grant

Regardless of what it is, his fans are losing it on Twitter.

"I opened Chris Evans IG story expecting another book excerpt and shouted 'AIYO' v loudly because I was not prepared to feel the rollercoaster of the sight of Dodger and half the eagle (?) tattoo and the obvious in-bed selfie," one excited fan wrote.

"Finally!!! The tattoo reveal that everyone's been waiting for. Chris Evans revealing his Falcon tattoo on popular demand," a second wrote.

"So we are not going to talk about how his fandom is literally dead after seeing that tattoo?" a third added.

Others pointed out that there appeared to be a brand-new tattoo on his chest that no one knew about until now. There is a black speck on Chris' left pec which isn't discernable, but it could be a part of a larger image. For now, the actor's fans will have to keep guessing about what the smaller mark could be and if it really is new ink after all.