Bayleigh Dayton Talks Double Standards In The ‘Big Brother’ House

Bayleigh Dayton competes on Big Brother

Bayleigh Dayton is the latest casualty on Big Brother All-Stars. The two-time player was sent home just ahead of the jury phase and was sitting on the block next to ride-or-die Da’Vonne Rogers. The two women had a difficult week in the house after being put up next to each other and dealing with verbal altercations with Christmas Abbott. The pair also felt betrayed by Tyler Crispen, who offered to go home, noting their staying in the game was bigger than the show itself.

Now that Baylegh is gone, she is talking with Entertainment Weekly and discussing the issue with double standards in Big Brother, which extends into all reality television. In the fight with Christmas, Bayleigh had to compose herself as the former put her hands in her face and clapped and yelled while they spoke. Bayleigh said she had to keep it together or she would have been labeled the “ghetto a** Black girl.” She noted how she has to act differently as she must consider how she might be perceived by her roommates and viewers.

“So [for] me, as a Black woman, I have to go out of my way to make people feel comfortable because we already don’t have the same backgrounds or the same experiences. So a lot of the time that is dumbing down my experience or letting other people feel comfortable being their complete self, knowing that I kind of have to play catch-up,” she said.

Bayleigh Dayton appears on Big Brother

“If I were to do that, I would be called ghetto. If [Christmas] does it, she’s just, you know, being loud or whatever,” she continued.

These actions by Christmas especially bothered Bayleigh as she revealed she and her frenemy had conversations about these types of things previously. So she was shocked when Christmas started arguing with her this way, knowing how it would look if Bayleigh opted to respond the same way.

She said Black houseguests and other people of color are held to higher standards and everyone knows that. This is where the double standard is created, Bayleigh said, by Christmas allowing herself to act that way.

Additionally, The Challenge: Total Madness player said she knows what she signed up for with Big Brother, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the double standard issue is very exhausting.

As for whether she would ever return to the CBS hit, Bayleigh said she would never say no despite knowing what she would have to deal with a third time.