Da’Vonne Rogers Delivers Powerful Black Lives Matter Speech On ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Da'Vonne Rogers competes on Big Brother: All-Stars.

The fifth houseguest was evicted from Big Brother: All-Stars last night as Da’Vonne Rogers had to say goodbye to her friend and untouchable Bayleigh Dayton. In Big Brother tradition, both women gave speeches before the live eviction to tell their roommates why they should keep them in the house. Da’Vonne used her time to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, as she has done before on the show, while also championing for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Da’Vonne was given the floor before Bayleigh, where she first sent love to her daughter Cadence and thanked God for letting her play the game she loves so much for the third time. Before addressing her houseguests, she talked BLM, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The 32-year-old said she was “still screaming justice for Breonna Taylor and every other Black life that has been taken unjustly and unfairly simply because of the color of their skin.”

“All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter,” she continued, “and that includes Black trans lives as well.”

She then went into her plea portion of the speech where she asked her houseguests to keep her as she still had a lot of game left in her. She then turned to Bayleigh to give her a few last words before she was sent home.

Da'Vonne Rogers delivers speech on Big Brother

“I love you. This game is temporary, but I promise you, this Black girl magic is forever,” she said.

Bayleigh followed with her own speech where she noted she couldn’t follow a speech like that, but said she seconded everything her friend had said regarding BLM. She thanked Da’Vonne for “showing the world that Black girls don’t have to compete and we can love on each other and support each other.” Bayleigh also gave a shout out to her husband and former Big Brother player Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

Earlier this season, Da’Vonne called for justice for Breonna Taylor after she gave host Julie Chen her vote during the first eviction. The houseguests have a few seconds just to themselves on live television where most players give a shout-out to their loved ones at home. Da’Vonne opted to use her time to make a change.

Being stuck in the BB world keeps housemates like Da’Vonne oblivious to the real world events going on around her. At the time, the mother was unaware there have been no steps forward in the Breonna Taylor case, and there have been more BLM protests due to the killing of Jacob Blake, which happened after the show began filming.