Camila Bernal Flashes Bodacious Buns In Sultry Bedside Snap

Colombian model Camila Bernal snaps a stunning selfie in a pink bodysuit.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model and social media star Camila Bernal has seemingly made a habit of flashing her sizable assets on her popular Instagram account. In her update on Friday, September 11, the 23-year-old teased her 1.3 million followers once again with an alluring photo in which she brandished her nearly bare cheeks while striking a bottoms-up pose on top of a bed.

In the caption that accompanied the revealing photo, Bernal wrote that the picture offered the hypothetical point of view of a person waking up next to her in the morning. It was clearly a fantasy that resonated with her fans, as they took to the comments section in droves to discuss it and offer words of affection for her voluptuous figure and sultry demeanor.

“Lovely morning view,” stated one user.

“Only if my dreams came true @caamibernaal,” said a second commenter.

“Would love to wake up to an incredible woman like yourself,” opined a third smitten fan.

“What a great way to wake up,” wrote a fourth admirer. “Every day every night.”

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POV: You wake up to me ✨

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Bernal was captured lying flat on her stomach upon a bed in the medium-angled shot. In the background, the curtains hanging above a sliding glass door had been pulled all the way to the side, allowing for a clear view of the cityscape and its seemingly overcast skies behind her.

Although the muted natural lighting left the model’s face somewhat shrouded in shadow, it also allowed for an artful illumination of her shapely lower half, as well as her brunette mane.

With her arm on the near side appearing to fold under her midsection and the opposing hand resting beneath her temple, Bernal had turned to the camera before the picture was snapped to offer a sweet smile and a seductive gaze.

In the center of the frame, Bernal’s bountiful booty protruded up from the bed along with her thick thighs; the scant thong bottom she wore had provided little coverage. The sharp curves created by her midsection and legs were further accentuated by Bernal’s crisscrossed ankles above her. The small of her back was also left bare between her frilled top and her panties.

Bernal’s latest offering had already generated a significant response as of this writing, crossing the 6,000-like mark in a little over an hour.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Bernal also flaunted her killer curves in a recent video which showed her doing the WAP Challenge while wearing a sexy yellow bikini.