Mark Consuelos Says His Wife Kelly Ripa's Brain Is 'So Sexy' In New Interview

Victoria Miller

Mark Consuelos said he has more than a physical attraction to Kelly Ripa. In a new interview, the Riverdale star revealed he is turned on by his wife's love for reading, as well as her savvy business sense.

In the new interview with SiriusXM's Radio Andy, Mark talked to host Bruce Bozzi about the couple's upcoming project, Mexican Gothic, which they are turning into a series for Hulu. The idea was spawned after Kelly read the Silvia Moreno-Garcia horror-thriller novel of the same name and got excited about it.

Mark said he is married to one of the "most voracious readers" that anyone could ever meet.

"I'm so attracted to my wife and, and... on a physical level, but her brain is so sexy. Like she really knows so much and she loves to read. …she found this book and she's been ahead of the curve so many times."

In the SiriusXM interview, Mark added that Kelly regularly checks to see if the rights to stories are available, and this particular novel was at the center of a big bidding war with Netflix and other outlets. But his savvy spouse persevered.

"She believed in it," he explained of the project. "She got on the horn with the writer… she got a phone and she talked about her vision for what the show could be, and it works. And we, she... we won, we literally won this, you know, this opportunity to make the show with Hulu."

The couple met on the set of All My Children in 1995, and their characters, Mateo and Haley, were love interests. Mark also sat by his wife's side for many guest-hosting stints on her morning chatfest, Live With Kelly and Ryan, while she has returned the favor with a guest role as a sexy seductress on Riverdale.

Elsewhere in the Radio Andy chat, in a clip posted on YouTube here, Mark talked about the "silver linings" of the coronavirus pandemic. He admitted that while there have been so many horrible things about the quarantine, the one good thing was being able to spend more downtime with his spouse.

He said that he and Kelly actually discussed how fortunate they are in their relationship 25 years after first meeting.

"We really like each other," he added, and he called their extra time together "special."