Rachel Cook Poses In Just A Yellow Towel, Jokes About ‘Offensive’ & Overly Revealing Snaps

Model Rachel Cook attends L.A. Hearts + PacSun celebrate 2017 Spring Swimwear Collection
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

Model Rachel Cook shared a new trio of jaw-dropping photos via her Instagram page on Friday, and they were an immediate hit with her millions of followers. In her caption, she expressed her excitement for being in Europe, and it seemed she had been shooting some new content for her online magazine Nirvana.

The geotag for Rachel’s new post suggested that she was in Croatia for these shots, and everything about the scene was stunning. She sat on a lounge chair on the beach and a bright purple umbrella provided some shade. The water and hills behind her made for a gorgeous backdrop, but all eyes were on Rachel and the revealing snapshots she shared.

For all three of these new photos, Rachel appeared to be nude under a bright yellow towel. She held it up over her breasts and kept the rest of the material wrapped around her midriff and upper thighs.

Rachel had sunglasses pushed atop her head, and her short brunette hair was slicked back away from her face. She wore a delicate gold chain around her neck and looked serene as she posed for the photographer and took in the beautiful setting.

“Not lying probably the most beautiful girl on my insta,” one fan commented.

It appeared that the 23-year-old model was quite purposeful in how she positioned her towel. She held it low enough to reveal much of her breasts, and the towel wasn’t visible at all in the third photo.

At the same time, she quipped in her caption about knowing that these snaps kept her covered up enough to not be considered “offensive” on the social media site.

“None of your photos have been offensive rather they are beautiful,” someone declared.

“I follow a lot of people here on IG and believe me, out of all of them, you’re my absolute fav person and the special one too,” a follower raved.

Nearly 50,000 of Rachel’s 2.8 million fans caught up to this trio of snapshots during the first hour they were live and hit the “like” button. More than 350 people quickly commented, too, and these pictures were clearly a massive hit.

“Stunning and divine,” another person praised.

Those who have followed Rachel for a while likely know that she adores Mexico and doing photoshoots in the Tulum area. She also uploads snaps showing her in the Pacific Northwest, the area where she grew up, and it’s clear that she maintains a deep love for the region. This new set of pictures was definitely a major change of pace for the brunette beauty, but the Croatian setting certainly seemed to suit her well.