Skip Bayless Should Be Fired Over Comments About Dak Prescott But FS1 'Won't Have The Guts,' Analyst Says

Oliver VanDervoort

Skip Bayless should be fired for his comments on Thursday about Dak Prescott, but the network that employs him doesn't have the courage to do what it should, Andy Nesbitt of For the Win wrote on Friday.

Nesbitt wrote that Fox Sports pays Skip Bayless quite a bit of money to say "a lot of asinine things." The writer thinks Bayless probably doesn't even believe most of what he says, but what he said on Thursday's installation of Undisputed should have him no longer getting paid any money at all. He mentioned it's also a move that should have happened hours ago and not long after Bayless made his comments about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

"Here's guessing the folks at FS1, who brought this boorish windbag over to their network to spew stupid things on a show nobody watches, probably won't have the guts to do it, which is sad," the columnist wrote. "Because Bayless deserves to be booted out of the TV studio and into obscurity for the good of all of us."

He pointed to a statement put out by Fox Sports that said they didn't agree with Bayless. He added that the statement fell short of announcing any repercussions for his words or the way he attacked Prescott.

While talking about the admission on Undisputed, the host said he understood his viewers were likely going to condemn him. Still, Bayless said he didn't think Prescott should have opened up about his struggles. He said because the signal-caller is the leader of his squad and has a spotlight on him, he should have kept quiet and suffered in silence.

Nesbitt mentioned another part of the rant, where the host said he had "deep compassion for clinical depression." The writer claimed there isn't a way to have "deep compassion" for something while also blasting someone for not hiding its existence.

The writer added the biggest concern for him is that the way Bayless went after the Cowboys' star is going to lead to others keeping quiet. While most around the league have come out and applauded the admission of depression, there are some who will see and hear the comments and decide they don't want to be on the other end of them the next time.