Stephanie Sanzo Wears Tiny Booty Shorts & Demonstrates Sumo Deadlift With 286-Pound Barbell

Stephanie Sanzo takes a mirror selfie while at the gym.
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo showed off her insane strength in her latest Instagram update on Friday, September 11. The weight-lifter demonstrated how to properly execute a sumo deadlift for her 1.9 million followers while lifting 286 lbs.

For the workout, Stephanie wore a pair of tiny, skintight booty shorts that rose to her belly button and cut off just below her sculpted backside, leaving her muscular thighs exposed. She paired the shorts with a white t-shirt with black vertical stripes and red cuffs. The top left a strip of her toned tummy on display. Stephanie completed the outfit with a pair of black, knee-high socks with red lettering up the sides and accessorized with a white exercise watch and glitzy stud earrings. She styled her long, blond waves into a half-up ponytail and let the rest cascade down her shoulders and back to her waist.

The training session took place in an indoor gym where Stephanie made use of the weight-lifting equipment. She placed several plate weights on a barbell to reach a total of 130 kg (286 lbs) and completed the lift in an open area covered with a black mat.

The video began with the fitness trainer standing on the mat with the barbell at her feet in front of her. She spread her legs wide and placed both chalked hands on the bar. She made sure her grip was secure and stretched her legs a bit before bending them low and pulling up on the weight. Stephanie kept her arms extended and locked her knees as she came up out of the squat. She then dropped the weight back to the floor and repeated the movement, completing five reps. Throughout the clip, she showed off her bulky quad and arm muscles.

In the caption of the video, Stephanie instructed her followers on how to properly perform a sumo deadlift. She told them to make sure their feet are pointed out, that they should stand close to the bar so that it touches their shins, and that they should open their hips for the move. She continued, telling them to make sure their knees stayed behind the barbell and their shoulders stayed parallel to the bar throughout the movement. Stephanie ended the caption by encouraging trainees to give the tips a try the next time they attempt the move.

Her followers gave the video several thousand likes and left dozens of comments within the first couple hours that the video was live on the photo-sharing platform.