‘Big Brothers’ Week 6 Spoilers: New HOH Makes Plan For Nominations

The cast of Big Brother Season 36

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

A new Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned in the Big Brother All-Stars house. Thursday night saw the eviction of Bayleigh Dayton as she lost by a unanimous vote over friend Da’Vonne Rogers. The HOH competition followed shortly after and was the signature Wall Hanger comp made famous by the show so many years ago. After lasting just over an hour and 23 minutes on the wall, Dani Briones became the new HOH.

It didn’t take long before discussions began regarding who the veteran was going to put on the block. According to Big Brother Network, Dani is planning to nominate Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction. These nominees are not much of a shock as the two men are not aligned with Dani and haven’t talked much if any, game with her so far in the season. The pair are the safe bet for her this week, and it looks like she’s trying not to ruffle any feathers.

Dani told Da’Vonne shortly after winning to not worry and that she was safe this week. The latter mentioned that if she was doing the nominating she would probably put up Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott, but that’s not a shot Dani is willing to take this at the moment. She noted that if you’re going to take a swing at Tyler, you better not miss.

David Alexander in the diary room of Big Brother

However, Dani could be in for a surprise if she follows through with her nominations of David and Kevin. David is holding a secret power he won during the BB Basement competition last week. Perhaps the most powerful out of all three advantages given out, David nabbed The Disruptor power which allows him to secretly save a nominee and force a replacement selection. If he uses it on himself, Dani will be forced to put up a third houseguest, which would really show her cards to her roommates.

This could make Da’Vonne and Ian Terry vulnerable to go up since both are on the outskirts of her alliances. There would only be seven people from her to choose from should things work out this way, and she’s close with relatively most of them.

David might also be expecting to go up, as he told Da’Vonne to not campaign for him. He seems to be planning to use his power in order to force Dani into this difficult decision at the last minute. Nominations will take place later tonight.