Britney Spears Twirls In Tiny Floral Shorts, Admits Her Hair Is A 'Hot Mess' In Latest IG Video

Britney Spears twirled in tiny floral shorts and admitted her hair was a "hot mess" in a new Instagram video where she showed off her dance moves for her 26.3 million followers. The singer, who regularly shares social media videos of herself gyrating in her home, appeared joyful as she moved her body to three separate tunes in the upload, which was over one minute long. Four separate clips were edited to create one complete film.

Britney wore a black cropped tank top paired with yellow shorts that had a floral print on them. They were pulled down to her hips to show off her enviable shape and two visible tattoos -- a fairy on her lower back and a Chinese symbol on her right hip. Her feet were bare.

In the caption of the post, Britney was thankful for being able to move with freedom in comfortable clothing and bare feet after years of restrictive costumes during her tours and as the headliner of her own Las Vegas residency.

This is the first dance video the performer has shared since August 24. She wore the same outfit in that clip but expressed herself with different music.

Since that last romp, Britney has posted several selfies and inspirational photos on social media.

Britney performed the choreography of her own design, where she tossed her hair around, extended her arms to her sides, and walked to and away from the camera in what appeared to be an open area of her home. The large space gave Britney the opportunity to dance freely, making up a routine for the tunes as she went along. She expressed herself as she moved in tandem with the music and looked directly at the camera.

She wore two necklaces with her outfit. One was a white choker that stood out against her tanned skin. A second chain was thin and gold and rested on her clavicle.

Fans of the performer took to the social media site to share their feelings regarding the new clip.

"Just be happy that Britney is happy even if it feels like she's been twirling for centuries," commented one person.

"I am I love with comfortable Britney!" stated a second follower.

"Also - you still look GORGEOUS!" wrote a third Instagram user.

"Don't explain yourself girl, you do you!" remarked a fourth fan.

Just one day earlier, Britney shared two images of her in a crop top she said she purchased in Morocco. In a second pic, she stated she had a "big eyes moment," reported The Inquisitr.