Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife, Marla Maples, Rocks Cute Athletic Wear In Central Park Snaps

Marla Maples poses backstage at the Zang Toi fashion show during New York Fashion Week .
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Marla Maples sported a cute athletic wear outfit in her most recent Instagram update. Donald Trump’s ex-wife shared two photos and video footage of the exciting events that took place during her walk on Thursday, September 10. Both her geotag and hashtag indicated that she was in Central Park.

In her caption, Marla wrote that she went to the park to get in touch with the natural world. She shared that she’d stumbled across an exquisite tree and a squirrel on her walk and that she’d reconnected to nature, allowing its “life force” to recharge her. Marla revealed that she tried to get a dose of the earth’s “healing power” to open herself up for certain discussions. As seen in the clip, she was particularly excited to see the critter she encountered.

Tiffany Trump’s mother rocked a plain, white tank top that flaunted her stunning figure, especially her toned shoulders and arms. Marla’s sun-bronzed skin was offset by the white t-shirt and snug black bra she wore beneath the t-shirt. She teamed the airy top with a pair of multicolored, patterned leggings. The funky bottoms clung to her legs and made for a stylish workout look.

Marla elevated her simple ensemble with a bag that she slung over her shoulder. The leather and chain strap was on-trend and casual. She wore aviator shades that dominated her oval-shaped face. She styled her long blond hair in a side part and allowed her mane to tumble down her shoulders and back in casual disarray. She swept her bangs to the side and some of the tresses fell across her forehead.

The first photo was a selfie. Marla extended her arms and tilted her head to the side. She smiled slightly as she took a snap of herself in the green environment. The following image showed the squirrel posing for the camera. The critter was on its hind paws, holding an acorn, on the leaf-strewn grass. The final slide was a video clip of the squirrel scrambling down the trunk of an interesting-looking tree. Marla greeted the creature twice before posing a rhetorical question.

“Are you hugging my tree?” Marla wanted to know.

Marla’s post was flooded with views, likes, and comments as her 117,000-strong fan base raced to view her update.

An admirer paid her an extravagant compliment by mistaking her for someone far younger.

“I was whizzing by the pics and thought you were a 20-year-old and flicked past! You look adolescent in this picture,” they raved about the 56-year-old celeb.

Another fan shared that they also took to the outdoors to recharge and relayed their own experience.

“Good for you, I like nature too, I feed the birds at the park on Sundays, and I observe how they communicate with one another. And there comes a taller bird, all white, looking like a Mother Superior, giving orders to the rest,” they wrote.

A third Instagrammer teased Marla about her youthful looks.

“Question: Are you immortal?” they joked.