‘The Challenge’ Season 36 Rumors: First Two Competitors Sent Packing

The Challenge cast of Season 35

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Season 36 of The Challenge.

The Challenge is currently in its early stages of filming, and two cast members have already been eliminated, according to spoiler accounts. It’s rumored the group is filming overseas in Iceland, but that has yet to be confirmed at this time. A cast and a slew of possible replacements were sent into sequester on August 23 to be tested for COVID-19, and the official day of departure to the location was on August 30. This allowed plenty of time for the competitors to be eliminated, and Pink Rose on Vevmo is claiming one man and one woman are gone so far.

The insider is alleging that Ashley Mitchell and Joseph Allen are the first victims of Season 36. Ashley, a two-time winner, hasn’t made it very far in her last couple of seasons after stealing the money from Hunter Barfield in Final Reckoning. Joseph is a rookie from America’s Got Talent, the first representative from the hit competition series to appear on a Challenge. Joseph’s elimination is not as surprising as Ashley’s, since a rookie is normally an easy target from the get-go.

The spoiler page makes sure to note that those listed on their eliminated list were not sent home in a specific order, and the assumption that they have been booted is based mostly on social media activity. The rumors do not suggest how anyone from the show has been sent home, whether it was by an elimination, disqualification, or on their own accord.

Ashley Mitchell appears on The Challenge: Total Madness

Some rumblings on Twitter have suggested that Ashley was beaten by rookie Amber Borzotra (Big Brother). This has not been confirmed by Pink Rose yet and is just fan speculation at this point. Amber was also rumored to appear on Big Brother All-Stars this season but was cut from the roster early on.

Two other rumored Challengers were also dropped from the roster at the very end, according to Pink Rose. Newbie Mark Jansen (Big Brother) and veteran Jenny West were the last two people removed from the final group, which happened just before filming it appears. This was quite the shock as Jenny won last season on Total Madness, meaning she was almost guaranteed a spot this time. Fans have speculated if these players were scratched out due to testing for the coronavirus, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Ashley and Joseph’s departure leaves 28 competitors still in the game.