‘Big Brother 22’ Week 5: Which Houseguest Was Evicted Tonight?

Da'Vonne Rogers (L) and Bayleigh Dayton (R)

The fifth houseguest has been evicted from Big Brother All-Stars. Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton saw themselves on the block, unfortunately, pinned against one another. The women were in a final two alliance, while also members of the broader Slick Six group. Their allies couldn’t keep both of them safe and had to make a decision tonight, which ultimately saw Bayleigh sent home by a unanimous vote.

The eviction didn’t come as much of a surprise to live feeds viewers, who saw the houseguests make this decision early on in the week. Many believed Bayleigh was better at competitions than Da’Vonne, who they said seemed to crack under the pressure during different comps this season. It looked like both women could have been safe after Tyler Crispen discussed self-evicting, but that never came to fruition.

The BB20 alum hugged everyone on her way out the door and sat down to talk about the summer’s events with host Julie Chen. After Julie noted how emotional the week was, she asked Bayleigh how she was doing now that it was all over.

“I am doing great. I’m very very happy for Da’Vonne and I’m her number one supporter,” she said.

Bayleigh also then admitted that she knew she was going this week and told her roommates to make sure the votes all went one way.

Bayleigh Dayton appears on Big Brother

The topic then turned to Christmas Abbott, who both Bayleigh and Da’Vonne exchanged words with this season. Bayleigh explained that her issue with Christmas was that she promised the women she was working with them and said she would never put them up, but as soon as she got power, they were the first two people put on the block.

Julie then revealed The Committee alliance to Bayleigh, and her first response was “Eek.” The host then let her know that Christmas was in a final two with Tyler, which wasn’t surprising to her as she noted that everyone in the house considers Tyler “untouchable.”

Bayleigh then said she and Tyler had some time to talk just hours before the live episode aired and explained they squashed as much of their beef as they could. Tyler admitted to coming after her, and she said she wanted to leave their drama in the house and just move on.

Goodbye messages were shown from Enzo Palumbo, Tyler, Christmas, and Da’Vonne. Bayleigh only seemed to show appreciation for the videos from Enzo, Da’Vonne, and Tyler, and didn’t seem phased by the message sent to her from Christmas.