Valentina Lequeux Displays Her Perfect Abs and Taut Stomach In A Black Bikini

Valentina Lequeux clicks a selfie
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Argentinian fitness model Valentina Lequeux took to her Instagram page on Thursday, September 10, and treated her 1.9 million followers to yet another steamy photograph.

In the snapshot, Valentina rocked a skimpy black bikini which showcased her amazing physique. The top boasted thin straps and wired cups. It also included a unique band detail that drew attention to her slender waist and taut stomach. The tiny ensemble put her perfectly sculpted abs on full display. She teamed the top with matching bottoms that flaunted her toned thighs and sexy legs.

Valentina loosely secured her highlighted tresses, letting her locks cascade over her shoulders. She also pulled a few strands of hair into a messy bun.

The photoshoot took place outdoors, during the daytime. To pose, Valentina sat on a wooden chair which was placed in front of a door. A green wall and a window could also be seen in the background.

The hottie bent one of her knees and held a hand behind her head. She parted her lips and gazed straight at the camera.

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Valentina added a long caption, both in English and Spanish. She wrote about the importance and power of being resilient, stating that resilience is necessary if one wants to achieve their fitness goals. The model also invited her fans to join her fitness program, Team Fit By Valen, to participate in the upcoming Resilience Challenge, which she will be launching on September 28.

Within five hours of posting, the picture racked up more than 31,000 likes. Several of Valentina’s ardent followers also flocked to the comments section and shared 260 messages in which they praised her well-toned body and beautiful facial features.

“Love to see your posts. I would love having you as a life coach or therapist for mental health, a domain I don’t know how to fix. Thank you for your words,” one of her fans commented.

In response, Valentina wrote that although she is not a therapist, she will launch a program at the end of the year which will include elements to boost mental health.

“Well said!! You are amazing, Valentina. Pure self-love, the desire to fight, and discipline make a difference,” another user chimed in.

“I love this photograph, you have light in your eyes. Just beautiful, sending you a kiss!” a third admirer remarked.

“Best picture EVER! You are adorable, babe,” a fourth follower wrote.

Many of her fellow models also liked and commented on the snapshot, including Melissa Botero, Georgia Kousoulou, and Janna Breslin.

Valentina uploaded another hot pic on September 6 in which she rocked a minuscule, black-and-white striped bikini that struggled to contain her assets. That picture has amassed more than 18,000 likes.