Shawn Johnson Does A Handstand With A Baby Bump In Throwback Photo That Wows Fans

Shawn was photographed showing off her gymnastics skills during a visit to the salt flats in Utah.

Shawn Johnson East of 'Adventure Capitalists' speaks onstage during the NBCUniversal portion of the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Shawn was photographed showing off her gymnastics skills during a visit to the salt flats in Utah.

Shawn Johnson shared a sweet tribute to her baby girl on Instagram, and it included a photo of the 28-year-old former Olympic gymnast performing an impressive feat.

Shawn celebrated Throwback Thursday with a snapshot that was taken one year ago. At the time, she was still pregnant with her daughter, Drew Hazel East. The little girl is currently 10 months old, so Shawn was just a few weeks away from giving birth.

The Olympic gold medalist was sporting a big baby bump, but she didn’t let it stop her from showing off her athletic prowess during a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Even though her pregnant belly drastically altered her center of gravity, she proved that she could still perfectly execute a handstand with a stag split.

Shawn rocked a pair of black leggings with a high waistline that hugged her bump. She also wore a black T-shirt over a tight white undershirt. The talented athlete finished her sporty ensemble with a pair of black sneakers.

Shawn protected her eyes from the sunlight and the reflective salt by sporting a pair of sunglasses. Her blond hair was styled in a topknot. Somehow, she managed to keep her shades on her nose as she turned her face toward the rough, salty ground. Her hands were about shoulder-width apart. She balanced on them with her legs in a front split and her knees bent.

The brilliant white salt stretched out far in the distance. The dark silhouette of a mountain range was also visible against the bright blue sky, which was streaked with a few wispy clouds.

In her caption, Shawn remarked on how much her life has changed since the handstand photo was taken. She also expressed her love for her daughter, and she tagged the tot’s separate Instagram page.

Her artistic image was a hit with her followers, who liked it more than 64,000 times in just one hour. They also took to the comments section to gush over Shawn’s amazing athletic ability.

“I’m 8.5 months pregnant and I have given up on even trying to tie my shoes,” one fan wrote. “You were literally superwoman.”

“I’m 36 weeks tomorrow and I’d die attempting this. Granted I’m not an Olympic gymnast but just getting off the couch is a win right now,” added another commenter.

“You should go on American ninja warrior next year. This season just got started but you should train and go on. I think you’d be great!!” suggested a third admirer.

Shawn often shares photos and videos of her incredible feats of strength, balance, and agility on Instagram, and now, her daughter is getting old enough to show off her own skills. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the proud mother recently shared footage of Drew learning how to swim, and the little girl seemed to be fearless. The “daredevil” kept a smile on her face as she threw herself off the side of the pool into the water.