Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth & Franco’s Kisses With Nikolas & Ava Cause Some Chaos

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst star together on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will bring the first moments of fallout after two dangerous kisses took place in Port Charles. Elizabeth Webber Baldwin and Nikolas Cassadine kissed, as did Franco Baldwin and Ava Jerome Cassadine. Spoilers suggest that there might be some big emotions hitting in the wake of these stolen smooches.

For the past few months, both Nikolas and Ava have been using their friends to try to get one another to cheat. Until recently, neither Liz nor Franco had picked up on any of this. Recently, however, that changed. While he was hesitant to believe his wife, Elizabeth insisted she’d overheard enough to prove that they were essentially being used as pawns in these rather diabolical schemes.

During Thursday’s show, two separate conversations prompted two forbidden smooches. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that on Friday, these kisses will be dealt with to some extent.

Elizabeth will be feeling remorseful, which almost certainly means she’ll voice regrets to Nik for having kissed him when she’s married to Franco. The sneak peek for the September 11 General Hospital episode indicates that Nikolas will suggest that maybe Liz was looking for a way out of her marriage.

It doesn’t appear that she’ll be at all pleased to hear this suggestion from her friend. She’ll surely claim that she has no intention of giving up on her relationship with her husband, but Nikolas may needle her a bit.

Marcus Coloma plays Nikolas Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

While this discussion is happening in the park, Franco and Ava will be sorting through the aftermath of their own kiss. General Hospital spoilers signal that something will prompt him to ask if she has feelings for Nik. As viewers know, Nikolas and Ava also kissed very recently, and it left them both rather flustered.

In addition to all of this, it appeared that both pairs were being watched as these kisses transpired. During both instances, what seemed to be camera clicks could be heard, and this could set the stage for a fair amount of strife in the days ahead.

Both Nik and Ava have the Cassadine fortune riding on this scheme of pushing the other to be unfaithful. However, now they’ve both violated the terms of their post-nuptial agreement. General Hospital teasers detail that next week, Elizabeth will apologize to Franco, but it’s not known yet whether either of them will tell their spouse about the respective smooches they shared.

Could it turn out that Elizabeth and Franco fully engineered these incidents and were working together to expose Nikolas and Ava? All signs point toward this getting rather messy in the days ahead, and General Hospital fans will be curious to see how everything plays out.