#CancelNetflix Is Trending On Twitter As Users React To 'Cuties'

Twitter users have initiated a Netflix boycott by promoting the hashtag #CancelNetflix in response to the film Cuties. While many major right-wing figures are fronting the movement, users of all political parties have expressed their outrage surrounding the film, and it has taken over the social media platform as the No. 1 trending topic in technology. So far, over 180,000 tweets have been posted using the hashtag.

"Anyone who instructs children to act in sexual ways is a predator. #Netflix is distributing child porn," Live Action founder Lila Rose wrote on Twitter.

"As divided as we are....I think we ALL can agree that sexualizing our children is abhorrent and @netflix should have to answer for promoting pedophilia on their platform!! TAKE IT DOWN NOW!!" America 3:16 author Graham Allen tweeted.

"As a documentary filmmaker, I'm looking way beyond Netflix. What sick perverts thought of this concept? What type of parents allowed their kids to be a part? Why did no one stop this? You know how many layers of approval it had to go through to be released? #CancelNetflix," Los Angeles producer and candidate for Congress Errol Webber expressed here.

Cuties takes place in France and explores the journey of an 11-year-old Senegalese Muslim girl named Amy who joins a dance group at school called "the cuties" to spite her traditional family. She discovers the power her femininity yields and the consequences that come along with it.

Maimouna Doucoure poses at the Netflix premiere of
Getty Images | Andreas Rentz

Cuties has received scrutiny for promoting pedophilia in the past, but the topic began trending again after it was released on Netflix Wednesday and an IMDB statement criticized the film. IMDB claimed that the film featured scantily-clad underage girls twerking and dancing inappropriately. The article also claimed that the movie should be defined lawfully as pedophilia. The statement has since been deleted.

The film excelled at the Sundance Film Festival. The French flick won the Directing Award: World Cinema Dramatic in 2019. According to The New York Post, creator Maïmouna Doucouré was supposedly intentionally going for this kind of reaction as she was appalled by girls dancing suggestively during a French talent show. The festival has commended the actress who plays Amy, Fathia Youssouf, for her ability to capture the many levels of her character.

Netflix has responded to criticism of the publicity it has used to promote Cuties in the past. The platform even altered the description of the movie to remove explicit language. However, the streaming giant has yet to respond to this boycott. Netflix will have to take action as there are no signs of the movement dying down anytime.