Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Sonny Embraces A Moment Of Happiness As Ned Reaches Out Via Carly

'General Hospital' stars Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will focus quite a bit on Sonny Corinthos and his loved ones. The sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page suggests that he’ll be glad to spend time with someone, but he’s also got Ned Quartermaine anxious to track him down.

As much as Sonny hates it, his father, Mike Corbin, is nearing the end of his battle with Alzheimer’s. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Mike’s death will come soon, and it looks as if Sonny will try to stay by his dad’s side as much as possible during these final days.

The preview for the September 10 show reveals that at one point, Sonny will tearfully note that he is very happy to see somebody. This could mean that Mike has another few moments of clarity where he can engage with his son in a heartfelt way, or that Sonny has a vision of sorts where his father is more like his old self again.

Much of the time, his Alzheimer’s has Mike quite confused. Unfortunately, he’s progressed to a point where he’s not able to engage with people much or recognize his closest family members.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Mike’s situation will decline even further during Thursday’s episode. It is clear that his passing is coming soon, and his loved ones will be gathering to say their farewells.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ned will be trying to track down Sonny. He will chat with Carly briefly, and his mission becomes fairly clear. It seems he wants Sonny to know what Olivia and Robert are up to, having traveled to Switzerland to try to see Dante.

At this point, Ned likely doesn’t know that the visit didn’t ultimately happen. Regardless, General Hospital teasers suggest that Ned will feel that as Dante’s father, Sonny should be looped into this situation.

Ned will manage to connect with Sonny, but he may find that these concerns over Olivia’s whereabouts simply aren’t considered a priority right now.

Over the coming days, Josslyn will pay her grandfather a visit, and Stella will return to help the family navigate all of this. Dante apparently gets bad news in Geneva, and it could be that the news is about his grandfather’s health. Will this compel him to do what needs to be done to return to Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers will see a lot of emotional moments over the next few weeks in relation to Mike’s decline. Fans have loved watching this storyline build up over the past couple of years, and there will surely be a lot of tears shed as it transitions to show Mike’s upcoming death.