Carole Baskin Slammed In ’48 Hours’ Special As ‘The Worst Thing That Ever Was Born’ In The US

Carole Baskin kneels in front of a lion cage.

CBS’s Wednesday night 48 Hours special dove into the disappearance of Don Lewis and explored the allegations that Carole Baskin murdered him. Many people deeply involved with the story — including Lewis’ ex-wife, Gladys Lewis Cross; his bookkeeper, Anne McQueen; his three daughters, Lynda, Donna, and Gale; his former lawyer, John Fritz and a new witness, Trish Farr-Payne — explained why they believe Carole is guilty.

Lewis Cross, who Lewis cheated on with Baskin, had some particularly harsh things to say about her husband’s next wife.

“I think she’s the worst thing that ever was born in the United States of America,” she told interviewer Richard Schlesinger.

When Schlesinger asked whether she believed Baskin played a hand in creating Don’s will and forging his signature, she made it clear that she was suspicious. He also asked whether he’d be right to assume that her first thought when Lewis disappeared was that Baskin murdered him.

“You could be right,” she responded.

Lewis Cross went on to say that she believes Baskin’s motive was simply money.

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Lewis’ daughters, who were also interviewed for the special, stated that they knew Baskin was dangerous and claimed that she told them their father was dead. They also insisted that their father was afraid of her and told them that he slept with a gun under his pillow. Lewis’ daughters insisted that Baskin was aware that Lewis was dead, not missing, and that she likely knew how he died.

Additionally, the women claimed they’d witnessed Baskin threaten her ex-boyfriend Jay Baykal, whom she dated after Don’s disappearance. Allegedly, when Baykal asked her how things would play out if her husband came back, Baskin indicated that Lewis was a “dead body” who “cannot talk.”

However, the most damaging accusation came from Farr-Payne. She claimed that her ex-husband brought home Don’s truck, which was found at the airport filled with guns. Not too long after, he came home with a large freezer that eventually disappeared. While these occurrences made her suspicious, a threat her then-husband made convinced her that he was involved in Lewis’ death.

“Kenny had threatened to put me in a grinder. He said, ‘If you try to leave me again, I’m gonna put you in the grinder, like I did Don’…I knew deep down that Kenny has some part in Don’s not ever coming back. I knew then for sure.”

Netflix’s Tiger King introduced the theory that Baskin murdered her husband and many of the people featured in the special spoke about the alleged murder on the Netflix show. However, the 48 Hours special unearthed details never before shared with the public.