Terri Hatcher Enjoyed 'Man Of Steel', Wants More Lois And Clark Romance For Sequel

Former "Lois Lane" Terri Hatcher, weighs in on Man Of Steel, saying she really enjoyed it, but wants more Lois and Clark romance for the sequel.

Hatcher played the iconic love interest of Superman a.k.a Clark Kent, in the television series Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, opposite Dean Cain in the role of Superman.

She is not the only one who was left wanting, aside from this writer, Margot Kidder, who played Lois in the 1978 film Superman, with Christopher Reeve, said back in June, that she also liked the new version of the superhero, but wanted more scenes with Amy Adams as Lane.

In the past, Superman films have focused on the platonic relationship between Lois Lane, a reporter at fictional newspaper The Planet and Clark Kent/Superman.

Man Of Steel touched on that, but briefly, we did get to witness one kiss between the couple though and it was a good one. But this new version was more about Superman's struggles with his identity than his romantic intentions towards Lois.

Now Terri Hatcher is weighing in on the topic. She said she "really enjoyed" Man Of Steel, but was left wanting more romance between the main characters.

Hatcher explained, "I think what I loved the most about it is just that Superman in general is that people keep wanting to see this story, and everyone that gets to play those characters brings some new fresh, unique take to it. There's always a new level of technology that gets put into the movie making, and that's cool and exciting."

She adds that what has the more impact is the relationship between Lois and Clark, Lois and Superman and that was her favorite part of the movie.

"And I kind of wished for a little bit more of seeing them and their relationship together, so I look forward to the next one."

With the announcement that Batman will be featured in the sequel to Man Of Steel, there is no telling whether Terri Hatcher will get her wish. Will Superman be more preoccupied with Batman?