James Blunt: You’re Beautiful, You’re Dumped

An Australian teen has claimed she was humiliated and dumped by English singer songwriter James Blunt after a wild party at his Ibiza home. Blunt famous for the hit You’re beautiful, is also famous for regularly topping polls calling on him to stop making music. He once told a magazine that he would stop making music if someone was prepared to pay him enough to.

Kate Costello, says she was wooed, bedded and flown around the world after she met Blunt at one of his Australian concerts.

She says Blunt sent her saucy emails and cliched texts, one reading: “I can’t wait to have your naked body lying next to mine”. At least we know he writes his own stuff, I suppose.
In a sign that it takes more than just his effervescent personality to get laid, he promised to help Costello with her budding singing career, the relationship soured when Ms Costello caught Blunt with another woman and he ordered her to pack up and leave in five minutes.

Angry about the way she was treated, Ms Costello said the 34-year-old entertainer was far from the sensitive soul his songs suggest.

“I just want people to know exactly what type of person he is,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.
“I don’t think it’s right people are going and buying his CDs and they think they can relate to him… but really, everything he says in his songs is bulls—.”

Ironically, Blunt’s latest drivel released just this week is entitled Love, love, love. His publicist said he is disappointed by the false allegations.