WWE News: Bobby Lashley Explains Why Hurt Business Is Nothing Like Nation Of Domination

Bobby Lashley gets ready for action

Earlier this year, there were reports of WWE’s Hurt Business faction — Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander — possibly forming a second iteration of the Nation of Domination. However, Lashley has revealed that both stables are completely different from one another.

In an interview with Daily DDT, the United States Champion stated that while the members of each stable might share the same skin color, the similarities end there.

“‘We are three Black guys, but we’re businessmen.’ That’s why we’re The Hurt Business, not The Hurt Gang or The Hurt Mob or anything like that. We come in, and I’ve been doing this since I came into the wrestling business and I learned this when I originally started in 2003, you put on a suit and you walk in there because it’s a business. You conduct yourself like a star because you are a star, so we come in every day like that anyway.”

Lashley’s views echo those of MVP. As The Inquisitr previously recalled, the veteran said that the faction isn’t focused on race. The Nation of Domination, meanwhile, was a stable of militants whose gimmick pertained to combating racial injustices.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, MVP stated that his group wants to be positive role models to young Black people simply by being successful. He also believes that the group is fresh and exciting, and they have no interest in resurrecting old concepts from the Attitude Era.

Hurt Business celebrates Bobby Lashley's title win

In the Daily DDT interview, Lashley went on to say that he and his stablemates have been friends for years, which is why they have a natural rapport on the screen. The superstar said they’ve always gravitated toward each other during their shared stints in WWE, and they all have the desire to accomplish big things and look good in the process.

The stable has also helped Lashley become a credible star again. Prior to the group’s formation, he was involved in a love triangle storyline with Lana and Rusev that was heavily criticized by fans. Many felt that a performer with Lashley’s background as a legitimate combat sports fighter shouldn’t be used in soap opera angles.

As of this writing, Lashley is in possession of the United States title and the team is making waves on Monday Night Raw. However, the superstar has his sights set on Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship as well. The unit wants to add more gold to its accomplishments, and Lashley thinks they’re heading in the right direction.