Obama Played Cards, Right-Wing Host Suggests Bin Laden Raid Photoshopping

This week we learned President Obama played cards as the Bin Laden raid was gearing up and going down in Afghanistan, reportedly stepping away from the tense Presidential moment as the hours wore on.

While news Obama played cards during a pivotal point in American history has undoubtedly caused some criticism, others have a more active imagination about the role the President played on that fateful day.

The right is having a field day with the news, further confirmation for detractors that Obama is a ditherer in chief. But the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer went further on his conservative talk show -- speculating that the President was photoshopped into iconic images later released of a lying-in-wait situation room.

Fischer believes the image is pixelated, and he's seen a few 'shops in his time -- here's what he had to say after the "Obama played cards" story broke:

"Look at the size of his head compared to the size of the head of everybody else in the room. Even people standing in the back of the room, their heads are bigger than his head. And it looks teeny-tiny next to the people that he's sitting next to. He looks kind of hunched over and small."

He adds:

"Frankly I think that got photoshopped in after deal. I think Obama's approach was, 'Hey, if this thing goes south, I don't want to be in the room. I don't want to be anywhere near this thing if it blows up. If it succeeds, if it's an outstanding success, then photoshop me in there.' "

The suggestion followed a comment from Obama's former "body man" Reggie Love, who quoted the President as saying, "I can't watch this entire thing."

Fischer sniffed:

"What if you needed a decision from the commander-in-chief? I mean things -- it's a very fluid situation. Decisions may have to be made, decisions may even have to be made by the commander-in-chief. Where is he? He's downstairs playing cards. That is enormously revealing about our current commander-in-chief."

What do you think of the recollection that Obama played cards during the raid -- was it a dereliction of duty, or a good way to handle a lengthy wait?