Rex Ryan Rips Orioles Over Schedule Stubbornness

Rex Ryan ripped the Orioles on the same night that his league was attempting to celebrate the official release of their 2013 regular season schedule.

The New York Jets coach had a problem with Baltimore’s baseball team because their own schedule forced the defending Super Bowl champ Baltimore Ravens to open their own season on the road.

Ryan believes that the Baltimore Orioles should have been willing to move their own home game, which takes place on September 5 in order to left the NFL champ open on their home field.

“I understand the Orioles are playing a game at home. Well, who really cares?” Ryan said during a press conference about his own team’s schedule.

Normally, news that Rex Ryan rips the Orioles wouldn’t be a huge deal, but the fact that an NFL coach has found reason to get mad at a major league baseball team over one day on the schedule stands out.

Ryan believes that the baseball team should have been willing to play 82 games on the road. What the NFL head coach doesn’t seem to understand is that one game can mean the difference between making the playoffs or not.

For the O’s, manager Buck Showalter didn’t take the slight laying down. He fired back at Ryan saying that he should be a little more worried about November 24.

That is the day that the New York Jets travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens themselves. This back and forth between two proud men from different leagues isn’t something that goes on very often.

For the most part, head coaches and managers understand that they all have a job to do. While they may not be a close knit community you don’t see a whole lot of sniping across the leagues.

Hearing Rex Ryan rip the Orioles isn’t something that should really be all that shocking considering the odd things the head coach has said and done over the years.