'The Bachelor' Chris Soules Single Again, Ex Victoria Fuller Admits 'I'm Not A Farmer'

The Bachelor stars Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller have split after a few months of long-distance dating. She did an episode of The Viall Files podcast that was released on Wednesday and at one point, she opened up about the end of this brief romance.

Nick Viall brought Victoria onto his podcast for the first time, and as he teased via his Instagram page, they had quite a bit of fun. He promised that she shared quite a bit with everybody to get them caught up on her life, and she was fairly straight-forward about what happened with Chris.

When news emerged of Chris and Victoria's coupling in April, franchise fans were a bit surprised. However, they really seemed to hit it off while she quarantined with him at his home on the family's farmland, and in July, she gushed over how well the relationship was going.

In talking with Nick during her podcast appearance, Victoria said that she and Chris remained on good terms. She insisted that she was currently living her best life, but she's back to doing it solo for now.

Did Chris' small-town life play a role in ending this romance? That was a major topic of conversation during his run as The Bachelor, and it seemed that it did factor into this new split.

"I'm not moving to Iowa anytime soon so I just want to focus on me," she noted.

Despite ending their romance, Victoria said she still respected Chris a lot. She also said they have remained in touch and on good terms.

"We went a separate direction, but I, like, respect him so much and I think he's an amazing man. I just think that right now, I'm in such a different place than he is," she told Nick, according to a report by E! Online.

As much as franchise fans may have thought these two were very different, Victoria said that they were actually a lot alike. Despite that, she was honest in explaining that living in the farmland wasn't where she envisioned herself at this point in time.

"I'm not a farmer, but I know a lot about f*cking corn now," she quipped.

Victoria detailed that she and Chris first connected last spring thanks to Kelsey Weier. As The Bachelor fans will remember, the two ladies were in Peter Weber's final four together during his season.

Apparently, Kelsey passed Victoria's phone number to Chris, and he texted her minutes later. Three weeks later, she had flown to the Midwest to hang out with him.

While she's not looking to relocate to farm country right now, Victoria did seem to leave the door open for the possibility down the road.

"He is an amazing man and he deserves somebody super awesome who's willing to go to Iowa and live in Iowa right now, I'm not there yet. Maybe I will be in a couple [of] years," Us Weekly recapped.

At least for now, the two do seem to be pursuing separate lifestyles. Could Chris and Victoria end up together again? So far, it doesn't appear that he's said anything publicly about the split, but they do seem to still be on good terms. It looks like fans will have to wait and see what the future holds.