Jennifer Aniston Interview Is Awkward, Awesome [Video]

Chris Stark is quickly becoming a favorite for celebrity interviews. The young reporter scored a hit earlier this year when he got a little star struck while interviewing Mila Kunis and now his Jennifer Aniston interview is going viral for the same reasons.

Aniston appeared on the Scott Mills Show to talk about her new movie We're The Millers but Stark took the conversation in another direction.

Stark told Aniston that an anagram for her name is "finer, not in jeans" and told her that many guys have her on their "celebrities I'd sleep with" list. Stark asked to see if the former Friends star had a similar list for "regular guys." Her answer: No.

Stark did ask a few questions about the movie, like if she did any extensive research to be a stripper.

Aniston said: "No, for this one you didn't have to dig that deep."

Stark also managed to give a shout out to his favorite football team, the Watford Football Club, and gave Jennifer Aniston her own jersey. Mila Kunis agreed to go to a Watford Football Club game with Stark. Do you think he'll have the same luck with Aniston?

Here's the video of Jennifer Aniston's awkward interview with Chris Stark.