Jillian Michaels Caught The Coronavirus And Is Now Warning People To Stay Away From Gyms

Oliver VanDervoort

Jillian Michaels is recovering from a bout with the coronavirus, and according to Scott Stump of Yahoo Entertainment, she's now warning people to stay away from their local gyms. The fitness guru appeared on Fox Business on Tuesday in order to tell her tale, and said she became infected with the virus when she "let her guard down for an hour."

"If you are afraid of COVID, you should not go to the gym," she told the hosts. "And I actually am a person who let my guard down, I haven't even spoken about this publicly really, and a very close friend of mine gave me COVID several weeks ago."

She added that she was fortunate that she went into the situation healthy. She was able to get over the disease fairly quickly because of her otherwise healthy lifestyle.

She added that if someone is afraid of getting sick with the virus, a public gym is "probably a place where you will get it."

Michaels said that her primary concern is the proximity to others. When at the gym, so many are breathing heavy and sweating, she thinks it would be hard to go into one and not come out exposed.

Michaels made it clear that she didn't contract the coronavirus from working out. Instead, she spent an hour with a friend of hers who does her hair and makeup.

She said neither of them knew they had it for several days. Then they both started feeling sick.

"If you're not in a mask and that person is not in a mask, and they have COVID and have no idea — because, by the way, I had no idea that I had it for six days, my friend had no idea that she had it when she gave it to me — anticipate that you will likely get it in an environment like that," Michaels said about the place where people are lifting weights and using treadmills. She reiterated that if people are worried about getting the virus, it's not a place she can recommend going.

According to Stump, there is research from South Korea that shows exercising in confined spaces can absolutely cause mini-hot spots. It's the confined space, especially, according to their findings that is the big issue.

Michaels said that she understood the urge to want to relax and act as though someone isn't going to get it, if they haven't gotten it yet. She said its important for everyone to keep their guards up.