Gabi DeMartino Lays On The Floor In A Cave Setting Wearing A Low-Cut Crop Top, Cape & Skirt

Gabi Demartino attends an event.
Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

YouTube star Gabi DeMartino, who makes videos under the name “Fancy Vlogs by Gab,” took to Instagram to update fans with a number of new snapshots of herself while on set.

The 25-year-old stunned in a low-cut, white crop top that displayed her decolletage and a hint of her midriff. She paired the ensemble with a black, high-waisted skirt that fell above her knees. DeMartino wrapped herself in a cape jacket of the same color, which she tied around her neck. She completed her outfit with red and black patterned heels and accessorized herself with a bracelet and small stud earrings. DeMartino styled half of her long brunette hair up and left the rest down.

The YouTuber, who has more than 2 million subscribers, treated her followers to three images within one upload.

In the first shot, DeMartino was snapped from behind at a higher angle in a cave setting with lit up candles everywhere. The online sensation turned her head and gazed up at the lens with a strong look. DeMartino bent her knees and linked her hands underneath.

In the next slide, she was captured up-close, holding a candle. DeMartino tilted her head down and closed her eyes.

In the third and final frame, she laid down on the ground and spread her arms above her head. DeMartino bent one leg and had a smile on her face.

She geotagged her upload with The Catacombs, letting fans know where these snapshots were taken.

For her caption, DeMartino stated that the filming location was not the usual. She didn’t announce what she was filming for, however, the actress and singer currently has her own online series, Blood Queens, that will release an episode every Tuesday in October for Halloween, per IMDb.

In the span of 10 hours, her post racked up more than 54,000 likes and over 320 comments, proving to be very popular with her 4.4 million followers.

“You could be in a junk yard and still make it look couture. ICONIC,” one user wrote.

“Gabi is out here being a literal goddess and I’m here for it!” another person shared.

“Okay kill it! Hopefully I can just wake up one day and be as pretty as you,” remarked a third fan.

“I live for all your outfits!!!” a fourth admirer commented.

Making an impression on her loyal social media audience is nothing new for DeMartino. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she made a crop top and miniskirt out of a pillowcase and still managed to make it fashion. DeMartino wrapped a belt around her waist and completed the outfit with black thigh-high boots.