September 8, 2020
Salma Hayek, 54, Takes A Bite Out Of A Favorite Fruit In Stunning Photos

Salma Hayek always floors her fans when she shows off her ageless good looks on Instagram. Many of her recent photos have featured her rocking skimpy swimwear that showcases her bombshell curves. However, the 54-year-old Frida star opted to keep most of the focus on her face for her latest set of stunning vacation snapshots. They were taken at an orchard, where the actress discovered one of her favorite foods.

Many of Salma's fans are likely curious about what she eats to keep herself looking so healthy and youthful. She also seems to be full of vigor and vitality, as demonstrated by a video of her dancing during a road trip. She divulged at least one of the healthy treats that she snacks on in her latest Instagram update.

In the caption, she professed her love for figs. Her upload also included plenty of visual evidence of her affinity for the sweet fruits.

The idyllic images were taken in an orchard with a gorgeous ocean view. Meandering walkways lined with green shrubs provided access to the trees.

In her first photo, Salma was captured relishing a fig. She held the round red fruit up to her open mouth as the photo was snapped. The fig's white flesh was already visible, indicating that the From Dusk till Dawn star had already taken a bite out of it.

The close-up shot revealed that Salma had on a pair of gold hoop earrings with long bars hanging from them. She also showed off her diamond wedding rings. The front section of her dark hair was pulled back, and the length looked naturally wavy.

Salma's second photo was taken from further back, revealing that she had on a silk caftan. The garment had a cream base color and a green patterned collar. It was decorated with a multicolored floral design.

Salma was photographed reaching up to pluck a plump fig from a tree. This shot was followed by a number of different images that showed the actress either picking the fruit or eating it. A few of the snaps included the long necklace that she had on. It featured a heavy chain and a large teardrop-shaped pendant with a smooth white stone in a silver setting. The piece had an antique appearance.

Salma's photos received over 157,000 likes and 1,200 comments in just one hour. Many of her followers answered her question about which fruits they enjoy picking most, while others chose to shower her with adoring words. She was also compared to a biblical temptress.

"Beautiful lady," read a message that included a flower emoji.

"You are a wonder woman," added another admirer.

"Eve at it again," quipped a third commenter.