September 8, 2020
Yaslen Clemente Busts Out Of White Top & Teases Underboob In Latest Instagram Snaps

Instagram model Yaslen Clemente posted a new photo set to the popular social media platform on Monday, September 7, in which she teased her 2.1 million followers with a glimpse of underboob.

The model wore an all-white outfit that consisted of a strapless top and leggings. It barely covered Yaslen's busty chest, giving viewers an eyeful of her cleavage. It included two strips of fabric in the middle of the chest that trailed down her abdomen and partially covered her sculpted abs. The leggings pinched in at her narrow waist and contoured to her shapely hips and curvy legs, ending at her ankles. The thin waistband left more of Yaslen's midsection exposed.

Yaslen completed the outfit with a pair of high heels with clear straps securing them to her feet. The heels showed off her blue-painted toenails, which matched the color of her fingernails. She pulled back her long, brunette tresses and styled them in a ponytail at the base of her head, giving her followers an unobstructed view of her arms and shoulders.

The two snaps were taken in an indoor space next to a white marble table and a gray velvet chair. Yaslen stood in front of a pair of floor-to-ceiling windows partially covered by gray drapes. A large painting with blue designs could be seen hanging on the wall in the background.

In the first snap, Yaslen was photographed from the front as she stood with one hip popped to the side. She placed one hand behind her head and brought the other up to touch the side of her neck while looking off at a distant point. The position elongated her legs while drawing attention to her sculpted backside and chest.

The second photo featured Yaslen from behind as she struck a sexy pose while leaning on the table. She pushed her booty out behind her and bent one knee, perching her foot on her toes. She looked over her shoulder at the floor and pushed up on her arms to flex the muscles in her back.

In the caption of the post, Yaslen told her fans that she's grateful for all. The post earned close to 35,000 likes and more than 350 comments within the first 10 hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site. The model's fans filled the comments section with gushing compliments.

"What a doll," one Instagram user commented.

"This outfit is so bomb," another follower wrote.

"[H]ow r u so hot," one more fan chimed in.