Linn Lowes Sizzles In Thong Bikini & Shows Off Perfect Glutes For New Workout

Fitness model Linn Lowes took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday, September 7, to post a new workout video in which she flaunted her sculpted figure in a thong bikini.

Linn wore a blue string bikini top that left plenty of skin exposed along her upper body, drawing the eye to her muscular arms, shoulders, and back. A pair of yellow thong bottoms sat high on her hips and included a thick waistband. The bottoms left the model's shapely backside exposed, showing off her glutes and legs as she moved through her workout. The gap between the two-piece bikini left Linn's sculpted abs on display. She went barefoot for the training session and completed the look with her long, blond tresses worn loose and flowing down her back and shoulders.

The exercise circuit took place on a dock looking out over a lake. Linn spread a black mat on the dock to protect herself from the wooden slats as she completed the floor moves. She relied entirely on body weight for resistance, forgoing any additional equipment. Linn demonstrated a total of five moves, each separated into an individual clip in the post.

In the caption of the workout, the fitness trainer instructed trainees to set a timer to 30 seconds and perform every movement within that period. In the case that the move has to be done one leg at a time, they should set the timer for one full minute. Linn added that her followers should rest as much as needed after finishing the five movements and then repeat the circuit an additional four times. Following the short training session, they should plan for a one-hour walk on an inclined treadmill or an outdoor hike.

In the first video clip, Linn supported her weight underneath her torso on her arms while pushing up with her hips and extending her legs in front of her. She then pulled one knee at a time in toward her chest. The second slide featured the model in a table-top position. She proceeded to stretch one arm in front of her while at the same time she extended the opposite leg behind her before switching sides.

The third exercise required Linn to jump in the air and then lower her body into a squat. She followed up with a reverse table-top move in which she touched one outstretched arm to the opposite foot, alternating sides. The final slide showed Linn on her back as she brought each leg in toward her chest.

The post earned over 60,000 likes and a few hundred comments within the first day.