September 8, 2020
WWE Rumors: Audio Recordings Hint At Possible Identity Of Two RETRIBUTION Members

On the September 7 episode of Monday Night Raw, two of the members of the mysterious RETRIBUTION faction made their voices heard for the first time, cutting a promo that was slowed down to help keep their identities secret. Despite that, a new report has offered some information on which two people might have spoken during the promo.

As explained by, a Reddit user was able to record audio from the segment and change the pitch so that the group's members could be heard speaking in their normal voices. Based on this edited recording, most fans appear to agree that the first person was Mercedes Martinez, while the second individual sounded like Dominik Dijakovic. Both wrestlers are currently part of the NXT roster and have been mentioned several times among the top candidates to be revealed as part of the stable.

In a separate report, Ringside News shared a brightened photo of the faction from this week's Raw, noting that readers seemed to be divided when it came to guessing the identities of its members. Aside from likewise noting that Martinez and Dijakovic may have been the ones who cut the promo, the outlet speculated that WWE is still "changing things around," based on the fact that there were only five people in the segment -- previous segments featuring RETRIBUTION had well more than five wrestlers hitting the ring during their random attacks on Raw and Friday Night SmackDown alike.

Four members of the RETRIBUTION faction appear during a Monday Night Raw promo segment.

So far, it seems that there have been a few NXT superstars who have been making regular appearances as part of the masked faction. According to a September 1 report from, Dijakovic and Martinez might have been among the individuals behind the masks that week, with the latter possibly making her first appearance with the group around that time. The likes of Dio Maddin and Mia Yim were also brought up as possible names, having supposedly teamed up with Dijakovic, Chelsea Green, Kayden Carter, and Shane Thorne during the stable's segments from the last week of August.

In the one month since RETRIBUTION first caused chaos on WWE television, Dijakovic has arguably been the wrestler most consistently associated with the group. Not long after their debut, the 6-foot-7-inch grappler deleted his entire Twitter history and changed his profile picture on the platform to a plain black background. At that time, Green and Vanessa Borne were also among the other NXT stars who were initially rumored to be wearing the masks and all-black attire during those early segments.