Holy Shit! Anyone for dessert?

What if the girls in 2 girls 1 cup opened a restaurant? A family ordering ice cream at the iconic Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney has found out after being served shit with their ice cream.

The family alleges it was served a large bowl of chocolate ice cream with something that looked like “compacted chocolate” but smelt like something entirely different. The Whytes had the compacted chocolate independently tested, with the test results indicating it was consistent with human excreta.

Mrs Whyte, the wife who ate some of the alleged crap says she is now fearful of eating out and becomes anxious when wiping her son’s bottom.

The hotel offered $5,000 in compensation without admitting liability, but later issued a statement saying the family’s bid to get $1,000,000 in compensation was in the Hotel’s view bordering on “extortion”.

The matter will now be argued in court.