Carrie Underwood Shares The Bizarre Comment Her 5-Year-Old Son Made About Jesus

Carrie shared a literally sweet 'random thought' from her little boy.

Carrie Underwood attends the 42nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors
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Carrie shared a literally sweet 'random thought' from her little boy.

Carrie Underwood revealed the adorably bizarre comment her 5-year-old son Isaiah Fisher made about Jesus over the weekend. The country singer took to Twitter on Sunday, September 6, to share what she called one of the “random thoughts” her eldest child had.

In the tweet, which can be viewed here, the “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” singer told her 8.3 million followers that his comment — which had to do with whether or not Jesus knew about a favorite sweet treat — came “out of nowhere from [her] 5 year old.”

“A long time ago, when Jesus was on the earth, he didn’t even know that marshmallows were going to be a thing,” he asked his mom.

Carrie shared her reply with her followers.

The multiple Grammy winner said that she told him, “I don’t know, buddy, somehow, I think he knew…”

The little peek inside Carrie’s life at home with her son received more than 8,100 likes and over 417 retweets in 10 hours. Plenty of fans replied to share their thoughts.

“Haha what a cute thing to say! Love this!” one person responded with prayer, red heart, and smiley face emoji.

Mike Fisher and Isaiah Fisher attend as Carrie Underwood is honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame
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“Bless his heart! Thank goodness marshmallows became a thing!” another jokingly said with the same emoji.

“Precious moments like the thoughts and curiosity in children’s minds is amazing. I call them baby book moments,” a third fan replied.

“This is too cute!!! Out of the mouth of babes! God bless your and your beautiful family!!” another reply read.

Isaiah is Carrie’s eldest son with her husband of 10 years, retired hockey player Mike Fisher. The couple also has a younger son, 1-year-old Jacob.

The “Little Toy Guns” singer has been very open about how she and the former Nashville Predators captain want to raise their children with strong Christian beliefs.

Carrie told People in 2015 that they would read bible stories to Isaiah, who was then just seven-months-old, every night before bed. She also shared how she wanted to ensure he has a “loving heart” and is accepting of people no matter how different they are to him.

The couple rarely posts pictures of their children to their social media accounts. When they do, they limit their uploads so they only show the boys’ backs or sides of their heads for privacy reasons. However, Mike shared an adorable snap of both of their kids to his Instagram account in July that showed the 5-year-old teaching his baby brother how to fish while on a boat.