‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Slam Tyra Banks For Stealing The Spotlight In Season 29 Promos

Longtime fans of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition want to see more of the stars and less of the supermodel.

Tyra Banks poses at an event.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Longtime fans of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition want to see more of the stars and less of the supermodel.

Dancing with the Stars fans are speaking out about the new promos for the ABC ballroom competition that focus more on new host Tyra Banks than the celebrities who are competing on the show.

In a new promo posted on the official DWTS Instagram page, Tyra — who will replace fired host Tom Bergeron after 28 seasons on the series — was prominently featured as she touted the “next level” competition.

While photos of all 15 celeb contestants — a crew that includes everyone from Backstreet Boy AJ McLean to Tiger King alum Carole Baskin — flashed onscreen, Tyra was front and center as she asked fans if they were ready for another season of dance moves. The gorgeous America’s Next Top Model alum also noted that the series will broadcast live from the ballroom before she signed off with her signature smize and some vogue moves that were runway-worthy.


While the ad was meant to pump up fans ahead of the revamped Season 29, some viewers appeared to be already tired of Tyra.

“Is this show about the celebs and their pro partners or is it about Tyra Banks?” one person wrote.

“TOO much Tyra!!” another user added. ‘”I don’t EVER remember Tom & Erin taking over the promos like she has!! It’s about the celebs & the pros NOT you!!”

“Can she say anything other than ‘next level?'” a third commenter asked. “Seems like all the ads are about Tyra — what a shock — not dancing.”

While another viewer pointed out that Tyra was hired to try to help expand the DWTS audience and is only starring in the promos because she was directed to do so by producers, another fired back to say that the supermodel is also an executive producer and seemed to be promoting herself.

Some commenters wrote that the newcomer is trying way too hard, while others vowed not to watch the new season of Dancing with the Stars if the original host isn’t brought back.

“Tom Bergeron or bust,” one viewer wrote. “This is not the Tyra show. Booooooooo.”

Tyra has already admitted that she has some big shoes to fill when she takes over as the emcee of the celebrity ballroom competition.

In an interview last week with Entertainment Tonight, she credited the former America’s Funniest Home Videos emcee for DWTS‘ success. She also said she just wants to make her predecessor “proud” and requested that if he sees her make any mistakes, she hopes he will slide into her DMs to let her know.