Kim French Flaunts Muscular Curves In Tiny Booty Shorts & Crop-Top For Leg Workout

Fitness model Kim French took to the popular social media platform Instagram on Sunday, September 6, to post a new set of workout videos in which she trained her killer legs.

For the workout, the model wore a black, cropped t-shirt made of a tight-fitting, stretchy material that extended to just below her chest, leaving the entirety of her chiseled abs exposed. She paired the top with multi-colored booty shorts that included a thick, black waistband and ended at the base of her backside, drawing the eye to her muscular legs. The material contoured to the model's curvy hips and sculpted booty.

To complete the outfit, Kim wore white Adidas socks with three black stripes around the calf and a pair of white sneakers. She left her long, brunette tresses loose and flowing down her shoulders and back all the way to her waist.

The inner thigh workout took place in an indoor space where Kim placed a short, gray mat on the tiled floor. She used various pieces of equipment to complete the exercises, including a yellow resistance band, a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a dining room chair. She completed a total of six exercises, with each split into an individual clip.

The first clip featured a wide stance kneeling squat with the kettlebell. Kim kneeled on the mat with her knees far apart and held the weight at her chest. She lowered herself onto her heels and pushed back up in repetitive movements. In the second video, Kim demonstrated laying banded adductions. She positioned her body on her side with her weight balanced on a forearm and wrapped the resistance band around one foot.

The third move was the wide scissor kick. Kim placed herself belly-up on the floor and raised her legs in front of her. She spread them open and closed in repetitive movements. She followed the scissor kicks with a set of DB sumo squats to sumo RDLs, making use of the dumbbells. The split stance side lunge came next. Kim relied on the chair to keep one leg elevated while she lunged to the side with the other. The final move was the banded plate seated adduction.

In the caption of the post, Kim wrote out the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each exercise. She added that the leg routine was more intense than her followers might think.

The post earned more than 20,000 likes and a few hundred comments on the first day it was live on her account.