Carole Baskin Reportedly Started Online Dance Training, Lost 20 Pounds Ahead Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The 'Tiger King' star shed weight after working out and learning early dance moves.

Dancing With The Stars contestant Carole Baskin poses for a portrait.
Frank Ockenfels / ABC

The 'Tiger King' star shed weight after working out and learning early dance moves.

Carole Baskin reportedly started working on her moves for Dancing with the Stars well before she met her pro partner.

The Tiger King star, who was announced last week as a contestant on the upcoming season of the celebrity ballroom competition, started studying basic ballroom moves online months before she hit the rehearsal studio with her partner.

A source close to the Big Cat Rescue boss told TMZ that after she was cast on Dancing with the Stars, Carole watched videos on YouTube to get a jumpstart on the steps required for major dances such as the cha-cha and the Venezuelan waltz. In addition, one of her Big Cat Rescue board members — Lynda Licht — is a dance teacher who gave her some tips on ballroom dances, stretches, and exercises, according to a post on the website.

Carole’s DWTS role was presumably in the works for months, because the TMZ insider also revealed that she signed up for a virtual training app as far back as June.

All of this early training also helped Carole lose weight. Viewers will see that the controversial cat activist has lost 20 pounds since her days filming interviews for Tiger King and is now down to 165 pounds.

Carole Baskin in a scene from Netflix's The Tiger King.

Carole has reportedly switched to a two-meal-a-day vegan diet and has been bike riding up to 10 miles per day ahead of her DWTS run. She has also been doing squats, lunges, and leaps to strengthen her legs.

The story on Carole’s website also confirmed that after agreeing to be a celeb contestant on DWTS, Carole began “intensifying her workouts” with the Supernatural app and “watching every dance tutorial she could find online” before meeting her mystery pro partner on September 1.

While she seems to be all-in, Carole originally turned down the offer to compete on Dancing with the Stars due to her lack of experience on the dance floor. She decided to fully commit to the ABC competition so she can draw attention to the animals that she fights so hard to protect.

“I’m going to put my heart and soul into winning the Mirror Ball because the longer I can stay on the show, the more the plight of big cats will be kept in the public eye,” she said in a statement.

In an interview with Good Morning America, seen in a video here, Carole said Tiger King “missed the ball” when it came to the animals.