WWE Rumors: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar’s Instagram Reportedly Led To Vince McMahon’s Controversial New Rule

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On Friday, The Inquisitr reported that Vince McMahon has banned WWE superstars from engaging in third-party platforms. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Sportskeeda, Lana’s Instagram posts reportedly led to the decision.

The report stated that Lana’s Bang Energy drink commercials, which have filled her social media account in recent weeks, were the “straw that broke the camels back.” Meltzer’s words suggested that officials weren’t happy with performers’ third-party ventures before then, but Lana’s advertisements prompted them to finally take action and instate the controversial edict. The commercials in question featured Lana promoting the drink and dancing. She wore bikinis in some of the videos, so it’s possible that officials deemed the content too risque for the brand to be associated with.

Lana recently signed a new contract, and its terms reportedly allowed her to focus on non-wrestling ventures, such as modeling and acting. If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see which ventures she’s allowed to pursue moving forward.

McMahon’s letter stated that performers have 30 days to disassociate themselves with third-party platforms as they are representing the WWE brand. The promotion is set to enter a new era, according to the chairman, and apparently he wants to make sure his employees reflect the company’s image.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, the outlets in question reportedly include Twitch, Cameo and YouTube. Several performers use these platforms to interact with fans and many have monetized them to create an extra income stream as well.

The news has been met with much criticism, with some WWE stars expressing their disappointment and taking steps to avoid being penalized.

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As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Paige changed her Twitch account to her real name. However, as noted by The Inquisitr, the new rule could also prohibit employees from using their real names.

As pointed out by WrestlingNews.co, politician Andrew Yang and some lawmakers, plan on taking action against McMahon and the company over “corrupt labor practices.” According to Yang, the superstars are independent contractors, and officials shouldn’t be able to control their names and likenesses. The politician also pleaded with the chairman to reverse the decision and show some appreciation for the stars who put their bodies at risk for him.

Violations of the rule could lead to suspensions, fines and releases for employees. It is believed that executives have been upset at sensitive information being leaked during live streams.