Nicole Thorne Kneels On The Beach In A Skimpy White Bikini

Australian bombshell Nicole Thorne is sharing more snaps from her sun-kissed Whitsunday Islands vacation, and followers can't seem to get enough of her stunning pics. The 29-year-old model took to Instagram this morning to post two new photos of herself hanging out at Whitehaven Beach, making sure to indicate her location with a geotag.

Nicole looked smoking-hot in a revealing two-piece bikini from Fashion Nova. It was a triangle string number that perfectly displayed her curvaceous figure. The gorgeous brunette posed in the sand for the steamy update, giving off sultry vibes as she got down on her knees.

The pictures gave fans a frontal view of Nicole's skimpy swimsuit, which featured tiny ruched cups that struggled to contain her assets, causing her curves to spill out nearly on all sides. The flirty beach item included a plunging neckline that bared the entirety of her cleavage, in addition to exposing a generous amount of sideboob. The scanty top was complete with transparent shoulder straps that kept all of the focus on the insufficient fabric.

The bottoms sported clear side straps that were pulled high on her hip bones, digging into her waist and further emphasizing her voluptuous assets. The item caught the eye with its incredible high cut, displaying her curvaceous hips and thighs in full. Meanwhile, the scooped waistline dipped well below her navel, showcasing her trim tummy and midriff.

The bathing suit was a bright white shade, to which Nicole called attention to in her caption. The color flattered her golden tan, nearly matching the dazzling white sand on which she sat. Sunshine flooded the background, setting the beach aglow. The detail put extra emphasis on Nicole's meager bikini, ensuring that all eyes were glued to her sizzling curves.

Nicole was sitting on her heels, peering directly at the camera with an intense, alluring gaze. The first snap showed her holding up one hand to her forehead, as if to shield her eyes from the glaring sun. The gesture seemed somewhat unnecessary, as her body was completely engulfed in shade except for one knee. However, this allowed her to show off her chic black manicure, which beautifully complemented her swimsuit.

The following shot was slightly more closely cropped to her curves and saw the model leaning forward toward the camera. The angle offered a great view of her shapely chest, further highlighting her ample cleavage and décolletage. Nicole sent temperatures soaring on her feed even more by parting her plump lips in a provocative way. Her hair looked tousled and windswept, adding to her sex appeal.

Followers seemed entranced with the seductive display, clicking the like button on her post more than 7,700 times and leaving close to 140 messages, all within the first two hours of the photos being online.

"Have An Ab Fab Bikini-Mazing Weekend," wrote one Instagrammer, ending the positive note with a sunshine and open-hands emoji.

"White is certainly your colour [sic]," remarked a second fan, who further expressed their love for the steamy look with a pair of heart-eye and heart emoji.

"Omg you are so lovely... Great bikini bod," gushed a third person, ending their message with a trail of loving emoji.

"OWow! Awesome pics. We don't have anything like that here in Colorado. Thanks," commented a fourth follower.