Camille Kostek Flashes Her 'Full Moon' Wearing Revealing Thong Bathing Suit On Instagram

Camille Kostek delighted her 788,000 Instagram followers with her most recent post on Friday evening. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was captured frolicking in the ocean, apparently filmed by her beau, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski.

In less than twenty minutes after it was uploaded, the reel garnered nearly 18,000 views, as well as hundreds of comments.

The black-and-white video showed a stunning ocean scene and featured Camille standing in waist-deep water with slow, constantly undulating waves rolling past. Billowing white clouds met the sea at the distant horizon, and a set of darker clouds hung overhead, gathered primarily to the right side of the sky.

The low light rendered the ocean a dark, shimmering gray, and Camille's figure was almost entirely in shadow.

Camille wore a simple, one-piece bathing suit with a skimpy thong back and high-cut legs. The front dipped low enough to reveal a little cleavage, and the straps crossed over her back in a big "X." She appeared to have her damp hair pulled into two pigtails high on either side of her head.

As the clip began, Camille's backside faced the camera, and she rotated her torso to look over her shoulder. Her fingers grazed the surface of the water, and she gazed down for a moment with a big smile on her face.

As she slowly continued to turn, a man's voice could be heard over the loud breeze shouting, "It's a full moon tonight, honey!"

Camille immediately raised both arms straight into the air, did a quick little pirouette, and jumped up out of the water to display her nearly bare booty, which appeared exceptionally pale in comparison to her dark suit and the moody environment.

She giggled adorably as she landed, with eyes merrily crinkled and her mouth wide open.

A single bird flew across the sky during the interaction, and as the video ended, the camera panned away from Camille to follow the avian flight path.

Camille's Instagram post was flooded with humorous commentary from her followers, primarily centered around the presumed cameraman.

"There's a Full Moon in Gronka Bay," observed one fan, referring to Rob Gronkowski's well-known nickname.

"But can we get your view of Gronk['s] full moon!?" joked a second fan, who apparently wanted more screentime from the other half of the famous couple.

"Hope you at least get to go to Gronk's first game! Love you guys and so happy that you're enjoying Tampa," sweetly declared a third follower.