AEW News: Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Was Originally Against Company Signing Orange Cassidy

Chris Jericho poses with AEW World Championship
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Chris Jericho was a guest on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. During the conversation, he opened up about his feelings toward Orange Cassidy ahead of their match at the All Out pay-per-view this weekend. According to Jericho, his opinion of the rising AEW star has changed since he got to know him.

As quoted by, Jericho was initially against the company signing Cassidy. He admitted that he didn’t understand his gimmick at first. Over time, however, he warmed to the star and eventually found himself excited to work with him.

“Orange is a guy that when I first saw him and heard about him, I wasn’t happy about it. I thought it was a joke. I wasn’t impressed. Then when I pulled my head out of my rear end, I realized this guy is over. It doesn’t matter why. He is doing something different. He is unique. The people love him for it, so, what’s the problem? As I started watching him and studying him as a performer and understanding his gimmick, it was a no brainer for me and I wanted to do something with him.”

Cassidy’s character is that of a lazy wrestler who only makes an effort when he’s motivated. He tends to keep his hands in his pockets and deliver gentle kicks on his opponents. He eventually tries when he’s physically provoked. It’s proven to be a divisive gimmick as some of his critics believe he doesn’t take the profession seriously.

Jim Ross was also dismissive of Cassidy at first. However, the veteran announcer admitted that he was wrong about the performer until he finally understood his character. The rising star appears to be winning over some of the old-school figures in the company’s locker room.

Chris Jericho steps foot into a steel cage

Cassidy has proven to be one of AEW’s most popular stars since bursting onto the scene. Cody Rhodes recently revealed that they have big plans for him, but they’re taking their time as they want his rise to the top to be organic.

Jericho will face Cassidy in a Mimosa Mayhem match at All Out. The rules of the bout include being able to defeat an opponent by pin, submission or by throwing them into a pool of Mimosa champagne.

Jericho came up with the concept and it’s one of the event’s most highly-anticipated contests. The showdown will also be the biggest of Cassidy’s career as his profile continues to rise.